18 Nov 2013

Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes

These days facebook has become very popular social networking website across the world. Facebook help peoples to connect peoples with each others. It become a great source for webmasters to increase the website/blog traffic. Facebook fan page also help webmasters to make quality back links. 

One of positive point for Facebook users is that, Facebook allow us to create free fan page for any business or personal use. These fan pages help to create brand reputation. If you have Facebook fan page with lots of likes, it will really increase scope of business and traffic also. Here I am going to share some tips to increase Facebook page likes.

1. Make your fan page eye catching with Logo & Cover
It is really interesting and creative to create eye-caching Facebook fan page. You can make your fan page more attractive with logo. Create your logo in Photoshop. After create attractive fan page design, you will definitely get more like on you page. 

2. Always Post Quality Content
As we know that content play vital role in internet marketing. Content is strength of internet marketing. Same here social media also run on the quality and informative content. If you have great content on your blog, people will even like your page or may be share your post with other peoples. Basically, sharing quality content impact your blog traffic and Facebook fan page likes.

3. Add Like Box Widget in Your Blog
Facebook like Box widget also help to boost likes. Simply you can add like box in the blog sidebar with user attractive heading, which will force peoples to like your page. 

4. Encourage Facebook Friends to like Page
It is simple and best method to get more fan page likes. Simply invite your friends to like your page. If you have lots of friends available in your profile, then you can boost likes.

5. Be Active with Your Page
As you being active with any social media page or profile is great way to boost likes or followers. Always try to post at least one post daily, so that people can keep in touch your fan page.

In the end of article I want say, follow these ways to increase facebook page likes. You will definitely get the sufficient like with these steps. If you have some more and great ideas please share with us.


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