18 Nov 2013

Off Page SEO Factors for High Google Rankings

Every website owners wants to become on the first position on Google or any other famous search engines and sometime they choose the illegal (black hat) methods to achieve their goal. They never now it can make their website out of search permanently. Some peoples always follow the legitimate methods (White hat) to get search engine ranking. They always get reliable rank and placement to their website with white hat SEO.

Most of peoples focus on the On-Page SEO instead of Off-Page SEO. They never know the real benefits and power of link building. Link building is more important as compare to on-site SEO. Quality link building is the technique which helps us to make better visibility in search engine. Here I am going to share some Off Page SEO Factors For High Google Rankings.

Create Backlinks:- Backlinks are the links that are directly towards the website ranking using keywords. Search engine Google give extra response to those sites which contain the rich number of quality back links. So try to increase quality links on your sites for better ranking.

Increase Quality of Backlinks:- If you have more back links on your website, that is great! But while there is also quality in your backlinks, that is excellent! Quality of back links always matter to boost website ranking. Quality means to create links on those websites which are relevant to your website and which website has great page rank.

Backlinks with anchor text: - Are you understand the importance of backlinks with anchor text? Really great sound! It is the way which helps to increase keyword ranking. 

Changes in keywords: - When you create the links with the help of keywords, always keep one thing in your mind change your keyword after submissions. Make it little long tail phrases. Mean to say don’t use same keyword for bulk submissions. It can be cause of over optimization. So diversity of keywords is important to stop the overuse of primary keywords.

If you will follow these Off Page SEO Factors for High Google rankings, you will definitely measure the best results in your website ranking. It is my personal experience; if you have your better ideas please share with me.


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