15 Nov 2013

SEO Off Page Optimization Techniques

Off – page optimization is free technique in SEO to attain the traffic on website. Website always needs these techniques to create back links. If website gain quality back links it will definitely get better ranking in search engine, and high ranking in search engine is the way to receive organic traffic on website. 

Webmasters use different-different off page techniques to create back links on their sites. Off – page optimization contain lots of techniques, some techniques are simple and some are little bit complex. We need to perform in these techniques properly, will definitely improve website ranking and reputation also. Some off-page optimization techniques .

Search Engine Submission:- Submission in search engine is the first step to index website or Webpages. Before submitting website into search engine we need to check website indexing, if website is indexed then no need to submit website.

Directory Submission on Reputed websites:- Directory submission also great way to index website. Including that directory submission also best way to achieve one way back link. We need to keep some important things in our mind before submitting website, that are page rank should high, ip address should unique. 

Note:- Submission in low quality directory sites can create unnatural back link. This can hurt your website ranking. So submit your site only in quality websites. Second thing don’t try to do excessive submission in the same time. Submit only in 5-6 directories with website reputation.

Social Bookmarking Submission:- Social bookmarking is great tool to make excellence back links and attain huge traffic on website. To make social bookmarking more effective try to change your bookmark title. Make descriptive title to increase website ranking and traffic. 

Classified Ad Submission: - Classified ad submission is one of my favorite techniques in off page optimization techniques. To create contextual link it is really best tool. Most beneficial thing in classified sites is, we can post lots of ads in same website only we need to change the ad title and description. 

Business Listing:- Business listing is also massive tool to boost traffic and to create back links on website home. These sites are also boost direct traffic on website. Most important thing in business listing is to place accurate contact information. Because sometime listing ranked even in search engine. 

Blog Commenting:- If you are trying to increase traffic on your website or blog then you need to start blog commenting. But not with spamming techniques. If you will post comment informative and motivational then user will definitely try to know more about your sources. 

Blog Posting:- Blog posting is the way which help us to make natural back link. We have to create contextual link on our keyword inside the blog post.
Article Submission:- Article submission is also help us to increase the website traffic and best quality back links. 

Including all these techniques there are some other off page optimization techniques which help us boost our keywords ranking. These techniques are document sharing submission, video sharing, image submission, yahoo groups, Google groups, press release submissions etc.


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