15 Nov 2013

Best Place to Put Keywords in Website

For successful SEO, keywords play important role. It is most important element for every search engine. Basically keywords are the term that web user enters into the search engine and get results as pre their requirement.

There are lots of places where we can put our keywords to make it search engine friendly. But here are some important places where we should keep our key phrases.

Where to put keywords in website for search engine optimization:-

Keyword in Meta title: - Meta title is best area where should place our primary keyword. It can help to boost keyword ranking.

Meta description: - Another place where we need to put our keyword, that is meta description. 

Meta Keyword tag: - Meta keyword is the tag which helps to rank website in other search engine like yahoo and bing etc. So we should also put the primary and secondary keyword in this tag.

Heading Tag: - Heading tag is also best and beneficial place to insert keyword. It help users to know about web page content. With keeping it relevant, clear  and concise user can read it easily.

Insert keyword in web page content: - Website content is one of better place where we can insert our primary keyword. But we need to keep it carefully. Mean to say, we need to place it with appropriate keyword density. High keyword density can make bad reputation of our website. Always try to keep it 2-3%.

Seek Domain Mach to Keyword: - If you can get domain name, exact match to you primary keyword this will help to boost website ranking easily.

Alternate tag (ALT tag):- It is a tag which use in image. If we insert keyword in alt tag, may image can well ranked in search engine. It also help web crawler to index.


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