9 Nov 2013

On Page SEO Techniques

There are two main factors in search engine optimization. On-page optimization and off-page optimization. Both factors are connected with each others for website search engine ranking. It is very important to optimize both techniques for better website ranking in search engine. On-page optimization help us to create website search SEO and search engine friendly, off page assist us to create quality back links for great ranking.   

Some on page SEO techniques and their output:-

Meta title tag:- Meta title tag describe the about web page content. It is most important part of on page SEO. Title tag with the appearance of keyword make easy to keywords ranking. We can find title in three places external website, search engine result pages and browsers.

Character Limit: - Google prefer character limit less than 70 character including space. With this character limit Google displays in search results.

Title Structure: - <title>Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword | Brand Name</title>

Meta Description Tag:- Meta description is the HTML text which explain about web page content. It increases the possibility of user’s clicks. Means to say it increase the click through-rates of web pages. Most favourable character limit for meta description tag is 155-160 characters including space.

Meta Keywords:- Meta keywords is the part which also important in on-page SEO. This part help to boost keyword ranking in other famous search engines like Yahoo, Bing, MSN and Ask etc. So we can say appearance of meta keyword can increase the possibility of better ranking in other search engines.

Heading tag:- This tag represent the different section of web page content. Head tag help search engine spider relevancy between heading tag and web page content. Including that it also give the idea to user about web page content.

Xml Sitemap:- Many webmasters think that XML sitemap is useless in SEO. It is the important part of website which help website in indexing and made website accessible to users and search engine crawler.

Image ALT tag:- With the all on page parts image alt tag is also play very important role in website ranking. Search engine crawler cannot read image without this tag. So we can say image alt help crawler to read about image. It is also helpful to boost keyword ranking with images.


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