4 Nov 2013

Best Way to Index Backlinks Fast

As every webmaster know very well back link are the backbone of SEO. Without back links we cannot make our website appearance in major search engines. 

Are you creating quality back links on your website? OK Great! Are you checking your back links indexing? No doubt without indexing back link is useless. If we need better ranking in Google or any search engines we need to check our back links indexing. Sometimes we make back links and leave them for indexing. But these back links not getting indexed for long time. In that case back links are useless.

We use plenty of techniques to create quality back links on our website. Like social bookmarking, directory submissions, blog posting, press release, blog commenting, profile creation, article submission, classified ad submission etc. After submissions we need to check our back link, is that live or not, if it is live submit it into Google with this URL www.google.com/webmasters/toolssubmit-url . After submission your back link will get index in few seconds. So if you are creating high pr back links or back links on most reputed websites don’t forget to submit your back link in Google. It will really help you to index you back link faster. So according to my opinion it the best way to index backlinks fast. We can also submit our website in Google if there are changes in our website content.

Second method is pinging. Pinging is also best way to index backlink fast . There are lots of pinging website available on the web like pingomatic, pingoat etc. These sites also help us to index our backlink fast. After creating backlinks we need to submit links in those sites. After some time link will get indexed.
Note:- Pinging is useful only when you create new backlinks and if your back links are not getting indexed. Overuse of pinging can hurt your website ranking.


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