28 Oct 2013

Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Twitter

No doubt, twitter is the most popular social networking site among all social networking sites. Twitter grown its name in a very short time as compare to other social networking sites. It is a website where peoples communicate with each other and retweet and follow one another’s. Most of people make their profile with website/blog url. Million peoples land on twitter daily. Some peoples said, twitter is a “Traffic Centre” , where lots of peoples visit the profiles and websites.

Most of webmasters increase traffic on their website with the help of this famous website. Given below are the some of best ways to increase traffic your blog with Twitter.

Create account on twitter:- First of all you have to an account in twitter. So create twitter account adding blog or website url give user name same as your website or blog domain, if possible. Add your url in profile setting and start to follow peoples on twitter.

Make your profile eye-caching- An impressive twitter profile increase the possibilities of more and more follower, and bulk followers increase the traffic. So increase your followers on twitter to get more and more traffic. Follow others profiles and they will follow you also.

Keep Your Profile Active:- More of peoples like to visit and follow active profile. Respond to message of your followers sometime retweet their posts, and they will do same, otherwise you can lose your precious followers and traffic also.   

Boost your followers more & more:- It is important and best method to increase traffic on website. More followers mean more traffic.

Add “Follow US” in blog/website:-  Add tweet us badge is also increase the followers. Whenever visitor will come on our blog or website they got the badge and may they can follow you.

Post with interesting title:- Twitter is mocroblogging website where we can post only limited character (140). So try to post only interesting because interesting post can force people to visit the post.

So these are the ways to increase your blog traffic with Twitter follow these tips and get more visit on your blog or website.


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