25 Jul 2013

Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

Blog is a website on which an individual trace their opinion, information, etc. on regular basis. How to create a blog is first thing and other thing, which is most important, is how to promote a blog. Without traffic blog is completely useless. Some people post on their blog regularly, but they forget about promotion. Following are some of the tips which can be essential to increase the blog traffic.

Title and Content:- Before write a post we need to optimize for a perfect title because title attract users. You should know how people search for your blog. Second thing as we know, that is “Content”. Content is king after some changes of Google algorithm like Panda and Penguin. We should contain extremely unique content in our blog. Including that we should write for user not for search engine.

Make Presence on Social Networks:- Social Network play vital role to increase the blog traffic. Here are some of popular social networks, where people get touch every time like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Increase your fans, like on the most popular social networks to increase  blog traffic.

Social Bookmarking:- Social Bookmarking is also a very beneficial tool to get traffic on blog. Including that social bookmarking also give us free back links. After posting post on your blog you need to submit your post in some popular social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Diigo, Digg etc. Bookmark Submission will help our blog index faster.

Post Frequently: - It is also a better way to boost traffic on the blog. Google crawler like new post and fresh content. If we have bulk reader on our blog and they read our blog we should post regular basis. They always wait for new post.

Commenting on relevant Blogs:- Undoubtedly, blog commenting on the relevant blog is  also best way to attract visitor on the blog. Whenever posting a comment always leave an impressive comment so that user follow your link. Don’t leave spam comment like (Nice Post!, Thanks for sharing! Etc).

“Plenty of men can do excellent work for a spurt and with immediate promotion in mind, but for promotion you want a man in whom fine work has become a habit”.


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